Music Composition

Whether for brand development in industry, finding hits in the music industry, or providing music and acoustics for films and games — a tailored music composition makes a lasting impact. The sound pattern used can be varied and interpreted time and time again. The basic acoustic form, a melody, or series of chords, can be adapted to the respective mood to be created, tempo, desired emotions, and diverse styles.

Through the fast pace of the entertainment industry and the wide use of sound and audio elements along with songs in new media, the need for qualitatively high-value, creative compositions and lyrics is high. Commissioned compositions and commissioned lyrics that transfer the rights of use from the beginning — if desired, comprehensively and exclusively — offer rapid, economic, secure, and solutions that inspire again and again in this area.

The beneficiaries of our offering include companies in both B2B and B2C markets, along with the entertainment industry (music publishers; music labels and their artists, filmmakers, and film studios; television broadcasters; the film production and gaming industry) — those who are searching for custom-composed music pieces and film music with themed lyrics, and jingles.

Music composition from WIDESOUL

WIDESOUL considers itself to be a commissioned composer and commissioned lyric-writer for companies and the entertainment industry. When we work, we dive into the respective topic, slide into the skin of the performer, and make ourselves invisible, so to speak, behind the artists and songs. We reflect the current music cultures or subcultures just as the spirit of the times. However, the songs are not subject to any sound-related or musical fashions. The material is created such that it endures over time and can have an effect over the long run.

WIDESOUL delivers a wide repertoire and multi-layered music formats — from groovy and beat-heavy to melodious music, from provocative to melancholic lyrics, and both united with a catchy hook. WIDESOUL is fast, flexible, and versatile.

WIDESOUL – Hear the Emotion.