Agency for Sound Branding

WIDESOUL is, as an agency, specialized in acoustic branding (also known as sound branding, audio branding, or sonic branding). The sound branding agency WIDESOUL supports you from beginning to end — from the strategy and concept to implementation and production along with roll out into your corporate-wide brand communication.

WIDESOUL is part of and a registered brand of INCREON — one of the leading branding agencies for industrial marketing communication. INCREON is located in Munich and Shanghai and specialized in international business-to-business brand communication.

A broad team of experienced branding, audio, video, and media specialists is here for you.

More information about agency:

WIDESOUL is your agency for sound branding. As a part of INCREON, one of the leading brand agencies in the B2B sector, we are specialized in the acoustic development of your brand identity.

Our philosophy:

The brand is at the centre, the target group is in view, the emotions are in the gut. Technical perfection paired with experienced intuition. Sparkling creativity with strategic advice. Artistically free and varied, not closed to any direction, but at the core mainstream with a slight focus on soul, jazz, and groove.

Our promise for effective sound branding:

All too often, one falls prey to the quality trap in the music and audio industry. Especially musicians and sound professionals can be observed to be “tooling around with the last two percent to squeeze out that last one percent.” As a rule, the only ones who hear that last one percent are the true professionals, but this is also the factor that all too easily permits costs and time to explode in the end. This is where we work quite efficiently, always trying to manage technology, time, and not least of all, the nerves of everyone involved, in the right ratio.

WIDESOUL – Hear the Emotion.